CHAKRA: let’s discover our energy wheels

You have probably already heard of the term Chakras, you might even have an idea of ​​what they are… But do you really know how Chakras work? 

The concept of Chakras was born in the context of ancient religious traditions of India: from ancient yogic texts dating back thousands of years it’s been passed down to the present day.

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit चक्र – ‘cakra’ and it is translated as “wheel“. With “Chakras” we actually define wheels or vortices of energy which, according to the yogic tradition, inhabit our energetic body (called ‘Pranamayakosha‘). Located at the meeting point of the body’s 3 main energy channels, the so called Nadis, the 7 main Chakras run along the entire length of the spine. They are often depicted as lotus flowers (Padma), a symbol of enlightenment, well-being and rebirth. 

The number of petals and color of the flower change according to the reference Chakra

When these vortexes of energy rotate at normal speed, our Chakras are in balance. This means that our vital energy (Prana) flows freely, stimulating organs and glands and bringing us to a state of psychophysical well-being. 

But how do we get to this state of balance? Yoga, Shiatsu, acupressure, Gua-Sha massages, aromatherapy, crystal therapy are just some of the many disciplines and treatments that aim to bring us back to this state of general well-being.

Have you ever tried them?

Our studios offer a great choice of opportunities to immediately start feeling better!

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