Joining hands “in prayer” in front of the heart, in India and Nepal, is a typical sign of greeting and respect toward those you meet, a way to recognize the value and importance of the Soul with whom we find ourselves interacting. It is often accompanied by a bow and by the word, today super inflated in the western world, “Namaste” (which can be translated as “the divine in me honors the divine in you”).

This gesture is also frequently used in Yoga practices where it takes the name of Anjali (or atmanjali) Mudra. Mudras act as sort of switches that open or close certain energy circuits in the brain, interacting directly with our nervous system.

From the point of view of subtle energies, the right hand is associated with the energy of Pingala (together with Ida and Sushumna one of the main energy conduits), with heat, the sun, action (and the future), while the left one with Ida, the moon, dark, introspection, observation (and the past). 

This mudra establishes the union of masculine and feminine energies that integrate perfectly and coexist in the right balance. In the space created between the palms, keeping only the fingertips in contact, we give value to the present, to our living consciously here and now.

This physical union of opposites that we find in the Mudra also governs that of our 2 cerebral hemispheres, bringing them together in an all-encompassing and harmonious balance.

The active and receptive natures of the brain meet, the mind reaches a state of stillness, thoughts are slower and clearer, meditation is facilitated, love and attention towards ourselves and others are stronger, awareness and the return to the present moment seem clearer and more tangible.

With this said, perhaps you will give much more value to an almost automatic gesture that is repeated several times during a yoga class (just think of the Sun Salutation sequence) or a meditation session.

If you still can’t figure out what we’re talking about and would like to directly experience it, you are welcome to our first center entirely dedicated to Yoga!

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